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Advanced Disability

Advanced Disability Management (ADM), an independently owned and operated women-owned business, was founded in 1995 by an experienced Workers’ Compensation Professional with a vocational rehabilitation background specializing in return-to-work. In order to provide the best customer service, knowledge and value, ADM provides high-quality, cost-effective workers’ compensation solutions for employers, third-party administrators, insurance companies and public agencies.

Through advanced Case Management strategies and effective communication, our highly experienced team, who hold RN certifications or higher, are disability management professionals providing a one stop shop for workers’ compensation solutions.

Advanced Disability Management
Advanced Disability Management

We assist employers, insurance companies and third-party administrators to feel confident in navigating all areas of Medical Case Management, and producing a more effective return-to-work process. This results in closing cases faster, higher savings and increased cost efficiencies.

Since our case managers hold a RN certification or higher and the majority have been a Medical Case Manager with us for more than a decade, they are not learning on the job. Rather leveraging years’ of experience, which allows them to navigate the process efficiently, identify red flags earlier, and provide recommendations based on experience.

Because our Medical Case Managers understand the workers’ compensation arena and use evidence-based guidelines throughout each case, this process better allows them to work with treating physicians to quickly address barriers (e.g., poor treatment plans, language, transportation, etc.) to return to work. Our experienced Case Managers communicate collaboratively allowing all parties to know the current status so they can be proactive and help resolve issues with full transparency, reducing the burden on the claims examiner and moving cases to resolution faster.

Discover the many opportunities that Advanced Disability Management has to offer, where proven technique has demonstrated success in workers’ compensation that can save your organization time and money. At Advanced Disability Management, we truly are “Setting the Standard of Excellence in Disability Management”.

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What You Need to Know

Medical Red Flags

Medical Red Flags

We can help determine when claims are inconsistent with the facts or medical findings and collaborate with all parties in order to steer the case in the best direction to obtain the results required. Below are various Red Flags, which identify the possible necessity to investigate the claim further, and add the services of a Medical Case Manager.

Adjuster Resources

Adjuster Resources

Claims professionals, have a stressful job with a lot to manage and very little time to research issues and stay connected with industry resources and standards. So we’ve put together this custom resource section to help you quickly sort through all the industry matrix. Here you will find the most relevant content to help you achieve better results and close claims faster.

Industry Resources

Industry Resources

A list for employers and workers’ compensation insurers looking to find industry standards and organizations that provide information vital to the workers’ compensation.  We have put together a general list to assist and provide a quick reference site with the ability to navigate you to resources unique to your needs.