Medical Case Managers

Case Managers specializing in workers’ compensation are some of the most highly sought after professionals in the industry.  Especially Case Managers with experience!

At ADM, Medical Case Managers are not liaisons, intermediaries or coordinators. They are highly dedicated professionals responsible for assessing the overall medical situation to include evaluating previous and current care, the employers ability to return the injured worker to the workplace and collaborating with all parties while working towards returning the injured worker to the best quality of life possible through the most cost effective means.

While some companies believe Case Managers simply work as liaisons and intermediaries between carriers, attorneys, medical care providers, employers, and employees,  ADM Medical Case Managers are much more and provide valued advice and collaborating efforts to all parties based on their extensive experience as Case Managers in the workers’ compensation industry.

In order to work at ADM as a Medical Case Manager, you must have at least three years of Workers’ Compensation Case Management experience. ADM Case Managers are self-motivated and control their own practice, while being able to effectively manage their daily schedule, multi-task, be flexible, and able to analyze information and set achievable case management goals.

ADM Case Management Advantage

  • Highest paid salaries in the Industry
  • Competitive benefit packages
  • Control over case loads
  • Determine your work schedule
  • Work with highly dedicated professionals
  • Salary and Hourly options

Looking for a Change?

If you are looking to grow as a professional Case Manager, contact us and we would be happy to discuss your qualifications and how the difference in working at ADM can build on your experience and provide the best work environment available to Medical Case Managers.



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