The ADM Lien Solution uses proven lien negotiation strategies that are aggressive, expeditious, and highly effective. Our litigation specialists and expert witnesses are industry veterans with years of litigation and negotiation experience. Our lien specialists use reduction strategies based on medical fee schedule allowances and other bill-reduction methods, including a proprietary negotiation system developed through many years of industry experience.


If you are currently using another lien outsourcing company and want proven results,

start a pilot program with the ADM Lien Solution. The ADM Lien Solution system guarantees results that outperform competitors by 20% to 50%.


ADM Lien Solution Benefits


  • Reduces provider charges to fee schedule. ADM Lien Specialists begin their negotiation after fee schedule reductions are applied. Our philosophy reduces exorbitant “soft savings” that are based on provider charges above and beyond the fee schedule. This approach is unique to the ADM Lien Solution.
  • Eliminates legal fees because ADM negotiates and resolves liens, allowing our clients to spend their money on necessary defense and litigation leading up to case settlement.
  • Expedites file closure reducing Claims Examiner case-loads and allowing more time to focus on active open claims.
  • Utilizes Advanced Disability Management’s entire product line to reduce and in many cases, eliminate liens. Most competitors are unable to effectively deal with the full array

of file issues due to their lack of experience and industry expertise.

  • Quickly reduces inflated case-loads, the need for additional hiring which leads to expenses associated with orientation, examiner training and overhead costs.
  • After settlement, many cases remain open for extended periods based on “lien-only” issues. These artificially inflated case-loads can inundate Examiners with provider calls, create unnecessary correspondence and contribute to additional case expenditures.
  • Removing five to ten “lien-only” files from 20 Examiners translates into space for an additional 100-200 additional files.


ADM is not striving to meet industry standards in Lien Resolution, we are Setting the Standard of Excellence in Lien Resolution.


If you would like additional information on ADM’s Lien Resolution program and how we may further assist your claim, please call 866-491-5199, ext. 100 and we will be glad to address your questions.

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