Including the same physical demands categories identified in a Job Description, Job Analysis are comprised of an on-site review of the pertinent job duties for a specific employee and position. A comprehensive examination of all physical and non-physical demands, broken into percentages of the position.


The Job Analysis (JA) is designed to analyze the specific job performed by the employee at the time of injury/disability.  The JA can also be used to assess a modified or alternative job being offered to an injured or disabled employee.


Job Analyses (JAs) are best used to assist treating physicians in fully understanding the objectively determined requirements of a specific job so that the physician, employee and employer can make informed decisions about an employee’s ability to return to suitable gainful employment.


ADM’s Job Analyses (JAs) are conducted on-site and includes detailed pictures of the activities performed and can be centered around the injured workers specific physical limitations.  ADM can also provide a video Job Analysis providing additional insight and clarification of the actual duties, generally giving the treating physician greater understanding of the actual duties.


If you would like additional information on how a Job Analysis may further assist your claim, please call 866-491-5199, ext. 100 and we will be glad to address your questions.

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