Our Triage Assessment Program is designed to assist Claims Professionals in managing costs on workers’ compensation claims, while providing an effective outlook on future expectations for medical treatment and time off work.


ADM’s Triage Specialist can be brought into the claims process during the early stages of the claim in order to assist in the overall management of the treatment plan. Our Triage Specialist will compare the medical treatment provided by the physician to National Evidence Based Guidelines (EBGs). This will give the Claims Professional and the claimant an idea of how the treatment should be progressing to ensure an effective outcome and ultimate return to work.


The Triage Assessment is a one-time fee, which provides a report, as well as recommendations and suggestions regarding the direction the claim should be headed, while providing the Claims Professional an early road map to success.


With proper use of the ADM Triage Assessment you may achieve the following benefits:


  • Provide a clear concise treatment road map for the Claims Professional
  • Assist the Claims Professional in setting reserves
  • Effectively set the tone and level of care without compromise
  • Ensures the injured worker is receiving appropriate treatment based on EBGs


Furthermore, by utilizing ADM Triage Assessment at the beginning of the claim it



  • Improve return to work results
  • Reduce lost days from work
  • Lower the cost of indemnity payments
  • Lower the overall costs of medical care from the onset of the claim


Contact ADM for more information on this new effective low cost service and ask about how we can provide a customized product in order to meet your exact needs.


If you would like additional information on ADM’s Triage program and how we may further assist your claim, please call 866-491-5199, ext. 100 and we will be glad to address your questions.

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