ADM works closely with the employer and treating physician when developing a return-to-work road map for the injured worker.  Our experienced return-to-work (RTW) specialist identify current barriers preventing the injured worker from returning to the workplace.  These barriers, while usually can be easily overcome through collaboration and coordination with all parties, are generally just accepted with very little effort made to overcome and coordinate RTW.


ADM’s RTW Specialist work to identify the issues and help coordinate RTW by clearly identifying these barriers and work with all parties to effectively overcome them and return the worker to the work place safely, while taking into consideration their personal physical conditions.  Our RTW Specialist not only identify the work status limitations as indicated by the treating physician, but go one step further by identifying job duties these limitations are affected by and coordinating with the employer to either remove the specific job duties creating the lost time, and if not provided, develop a Job Description (JD) designed to outline all physical requirements in order to get a clear picture of the job duties and identify the specific duties causing the lost time.  


ADM understands the importance of RTW and the effect is has on the employer and their future costs related to workers’ compensation.  


If you would like additional information on ADM’s RTW program and how we may further assist your claim, please call 866-491-5199, ext. 100 and we will be glad to address your questions.

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