Andrea A. Adams, MS, CPDM, Owner, CEO

Andrea founded the company on the steadfast belief that people are paramount. While Advanced Disability Management may have had modest beginnings, its vision was anything but small. At its core, the company strives to uplift and empower individuals. As a woman at the helm, Andrea encountered myriad challenges but remained resolute in her quest to rewrite the prevailing narrative. Her foundational values, steeped in her upbringing on family ranches in a farming community, became the bedrock of her company’s ethos. There, she imbibed principles of ethical work, responsibility, and compassion. The guiding philosophy of Advanced Disability Management is clear: embody kindness, commit to diligent work, and foster continuous learning and growth.

Armed with a master’s degree in Education and professional certification in Disability Management, Andrea’s background in counseling and vocational rehabilitation has been instrumental in advancing the diverse objectives of Advanced Disability Management. Her rich experience, spanning over 30 years in workers’ compensation, covers a broad spectrum: from job development, labor market assessments, and expert testimony to transferable skills analysis, early return-to-work strategies, job placement, and every nuance of the return-to-work journey. With unwavering dedication, Andrea has collaborated with both employers and employees, navigating them towards their shared aspirations.

K. Wade Adams, CFO & COO

Wade brings an illustrious track record spanning over three decades in the workers’ compensation domain. Embarking on his journey in 1990 as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, he possesses deep-seated expertise in liaising with both employers and employees, addressing the multifaceted concerns tied to the return-to-work process and the holistic welfare of injured workers. Wade’s forte lies in championing the cause of return-to-work by collaborating closely with employers, pinpointing apt work accommodations to ease this transition.

His proficiency extends to conducting meticulous vocational assessments for those injured or on extended disability. These assessments, intricate and comprehensive, weigh various factors such as physical abilities, educational background, prior work experience, transferable skills, and even personal interests and hobbies, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation of an individual’s potential for reintegration into meaningful employment.

But Wade’s expertise isn’t confined to just workers’ compensation. As a corporate pilot and flight instructor, he effortlessly melds his love for aviation with his professional acumen. This unique blend has seen him don the hat of an expert witness, offering invaluable insights on aviation-centric topics before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB). A testament to his multifaceted career and the depth of his professional and personal pursuits.

Adrianna Adams, Director of Digital Marketing

Adrianna steers the digital helm for ADM, masterfully orchestrating its online footprint. She’s the driving force behind ADM’s vibrant social media channels, crafts pivotal marketing blueprints, and represents the brand at industry conferences. Beyond planning standout events, Adrianna’s strategic efforts are continually broadening ADM’s influence in the workers’ compensation realm.

Felicia Harris, Human Resource Manager

Felicia works in Human Resources as well as manages account receivables, collections, and billing. Felicia has been with Advanced Disability Management since the company’s inception, 1995. She has over thirty years of experience in workers’ compensation.

Rina Anderson, National Account Manager

Rina Anderson is the National Account Manager at Advanced Disability Management with 22 years of specialized experience in the workers’ compensation sector. Her professional journey commenced with case management at Concentra, providing her with foundational insights into the workers’ compensation landscape.

Over the course of her career, Rina has been deeply involved in sales and marketing, successfully promoting and selling an array of services including diagnostics, transportation & translation, physical medicine, and DME. Her extensive knowledge and expertise have solidified her reputation as a reliable and proficient industry professional.

In her current role at Advanced Disability Management, Rina is responsible for managing major accounts, developing sales strategies, and ensuring the highest standards of service delivery. Her breadth of experience and industry knowledge positions her as a key asset to the company and its clients.

Michele Meadors, Regional Account Manager

Michele holds the esteemed position of Regional Account Manager for Northern California at ADM. With a commendable tenure exceeding 10 years in the workers’ compensation sphere, her expertise stands as an invaluable asset to the company. Michele’s primary role involves meticulously cultivating and strengthening ties with key stakeholders, including employers, claims specialists, and insurance entities. Her strategic approach is pivotal in bolstering ADM’s growth trajectory and reinforcing its eminent stature within the workers’ compensation sector.



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