Andrea A. Adams, MS, CPDM, Owner, CEO

Andrea began the company built on the foundation that people come first. The company started with small beginnings, with big ideas. The purpose of the company was to empower people. As a women Andrea wanted to speak directly to those who shared the same values as she was raised. Growing up in a farming community, working on the family ranches, she learned how to work, ethically, responsibly and be sensitive to those she worked with. The philosophy is to be kind, work hard and be willing to learn and grow. Dedicated to the improvement of workers lives has been a passion of hers stemming from the roots she came from and the lessons she learned growing up.

Andrea’s education and experience in counseling and vocational rehabilitation has been a catalyst to promote the many facets that encompass the goals of Advanced Disability Management. Andrea has over 30 years of Workers Compensation experience, from job developing, labor market assessments, expert testimony, transferable skills analysis, early return to work, job placement, and all factors in the return to work process. Andrea has worked alongside employers and employees to reach their desired goals.

K. Wade Adams, CFO & COO

With over 30 years in the workers’ compensation industry, Wade started his career as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in 1990 and has extensive experience in

coordinating with employers and employees on all issues surrounding return-to-work and the injured worker’s health and well-being. With an emphasis on return-to-work through working with employers and helping identify suitable work accommodations. Wade is also a corporate pilot and flight instructor and has provided expert testimony on aviation related issues at the WCAB. He has provided vocational assessments for injured workers and individuals on long-term disability in order to accurately assess their ability to return to suitable gainful employment while taking into consideration their physical capacities, education, work history, transferable skills, hobbies and person interests.

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